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Location: Hirado Bunka (Cultural) Center
Address: 1529 Iwanoue-cho, Hirado, Nagasaki, 859-5121 Japan
TEL: +81-965-22-5300

About Hirado

About Hirado

World heritage-listed site of Churches

Hirado Island off the north west coast of Nagasaki Prefecture is a beautiful and historic location full of interesting museums, Christian churches, white sandy beaches and an imposing castle.

A Chinese military leader, Hero of Taiwan, Zheng Chenggong, was born in Hirado in the 17th Century.

Connected to the main island of Kyushu by a bridge, Hirado is easily accessable from Fukuoka, Sasebo and Nagasaki.
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Access to Hirado

Access to Hirado (Public Transportation)


There are connections to Tokyo, Osaka, Kagoshima, Okinawa and other destinations from Nagasaki Airport. Nagasaki Airport is about 40km from Nagasaki city center and buses to downtown Nagasaki take about an hour to Nagasaki Station.
Fukuoka Airport has both domestic and international connections to many airports throughout Japan and the Asian region.


JR trains from Fukuoka go to Hirado-guchi Station in Tabira (1 hour, 50 mins). There are trains from Nagasaki to Sasebo, change here for Tabira (90 minutes).


Express buses from Hakata Station take two hours. Express buses from Fukuoka Airport take 1 hour, 40 minutes. Express buses from Nagasaki Station and Nagasaki Airport both take 1 hour and 40 minutes.
There are regular buses to Sasebo from the bus terminal near the ferry port, the first bus departs at 5.48am with the last at 6.55pm. Local buses go to Miyanoura at the tip of the island via Kawachi and back.

Access to Hirado

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