Keynote Session

Monday, Oct.24

Akira Takata

Keep Moving Forward Step by Step to Fulfill Your Dream
Akira Takata
A and Live, Inc.
(Former President of Japanet Takata Corporation)

Prof. Weileun Fang

CMOS MEMS for the Next Big Things - IoT
Prof. Weileun Fang
Distinguished Professor
Power Mechanical Eng. Dept./NEMS Institute
National Tsing Hua University

Tuesday, Oct. 25

Prof.Kiyoshi Toko

Biochemical Sensors to Measure Taste and Smell
Prof. Kiyoshi Toko
Distinguished Professor, Director
Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Research and Development Center for Taste and Odor Sensing
Kyushu University

Prof. Chris Van Hoof

My doctor prescribes silicon - the dawn of a new healthcare system
Prof. Chris Van Hoof
Director Wearable Health Solutions & imec fellow
Smart Systems

Satoshi Kuribayashi

Application of Electronics for Insects Photographing
Satoshi Kuribayashi
Kuribayashi Natural Science Photo Institute
Biological ecology photographer

Wednessday, Oct. 26

Prof. Yoshihiro Miyake

Acceleration sensor based early diagnosis and gait assist for Parkinson's disease patients
Prof. Yoshihiro Miyake
Dept. of Computational Intelligence & Systems Science
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science & Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology