Important dates

Abstract deadline:
  Jun. 7, 2013 (Fri)
Author notification:
  Jul. 31, 2013 (Wed)
Full paper submission:
  Sep. 13, 2013 (Fri)
Late news deadline:
  Oct. 11, 2013 (Fri)


Oral presentation (15 minutes including 3-minutes discussion) and poster presentation (120 minutes)

Presentation language

Japanese and English


The areas of activity in sensors, MEMS, and their application systems expected at this conference include but are not limited to:

  1. Design, fabrication, material
    Design, analysis, simulation, materials, material characterization, device characterization, fabrication and process techniques, packaging, microscale science, microscale thermal fluid, integrated MEMS, test methods, reliability, nanotube, probe microscopy, molecular machines, etc.
    Microactuators (electromagnetic, electrostatic, piezoelectric, thermal, etc.), transformation mechanisms, optical microsystems (optical device, waveguide, optical communication, photonic crystal), RF-MEMS, power MEMS (energy harvesting, micro power generator, power supply, microthruster), human interface devices (tactile display, etc.), NEMS, interface with nanotechnology
  3. Sensor system
    Sensor systems (integrated sensor, smart sensor, sensor interface circuit, low power sensor, signal processing, human interface, wireless sensor, monitoring), sensing algorithm (active sensing, sensor fusion, biomimetic sensing), sensor network, sensor application
  4. Physical sensor
    Mechanical sensors (force, strain, pressure, position, acceleration, angular velocity, sound, tactile, etc.), temperature sensor, magnetic sensor, optical sensors (infrared, visible, ultraviolet, radioactive), sensor materials
  5. Chemical sensor
    Chemical sensing principle, gas sensor, enzyme sensor, ion sensor, odor sensor, taste sensor, micro chemical sensor, chemical sensor techniques (surface nanostructuring, self recovery, biomimetics), chemometrics, chemical sensing algorithm (neuro, fuzzy, genetic, etc.), chemical sensor applications (olfactory display, medical microsensor, etc.)
  6. Biosensor, bio microsystem
    Lab-on-chip, microTAS, DNA chip, PCR, biomolecule device, immobilization, cell manipulation, microchannel, microreactor, biohybrid device, drug delivery, catheter, capsule endoscopy, regenerative medicine, biosensor, biochip, soft actuator, bioMEMS, human-machine interface
  7. Organized session (cooperation with Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging)
  8. Organized session (cooperation with The Society of Materials Science, Japan)

Domestic re-presentation of recent research which has been presented in international conferences is also welcome.

Abstract submission

Submit a pdf abstract of A4-size, 2 pages from the submission site below. Title, author(s), affiliation(s), and text body (approx. 500 words) appear in page 1, and figures, tables, and references appear in page 2. This abstract is used only for reviewing and award nomination. Describe clearly the originality and advantages of your research.

Full paper submission

Accepted author should submit a full paper (A4, 4-6 pages, pdf format, in English or Japanese). Submission site will open in July.

  • Guide to prepare full paper
  • Full paper format (MS Word, English)
  • Full paper format (LaTeX, English)

Full paper submission site (open in July)

Late news submission

For the presentation of latest results, late news application is prepared as poster presentation. Submit a pdf abstract of A4-size, 2 pages from the submission site below. Title, author(s), affiliation(s), and text body (approx. 500 words) appear in page 1, and figures, tables, references appear in page 2. The late news abstract is used not only for reviewing but also included in the technical digest instead of full paper. The review result will be notified shortly.

Late news submission site (open in September)

Submission to IEEJ journal

Your full paper for this symposium can be submitted simultaneously to IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines after the arrangement of format. IEEJ discounts 20,000 yen from the publication fee for a Sensor Symposium paper. Another reviewing process is required for the journal acceptance. This system will be announced to the accepted authors.

IEEJ journal submission deadline: Sep. 27, 2013 (Fri)

Publication of technical digest

Your full paper (regular presentation) or late news abstract (late news presentation) will be included in the technical digest of the symposium. Publication type is file downloading from the server and the publication date is Oct. 29, 2013. Note that the publication is 1 week prior to the symposium.
Your full paper is stored also in IEEJ Digital Library.

Membership of the author

This symposium is open not only for members of IEEJ, but also for members of cooperated or supported institutes, and non-members. However, only the IEEJ members are nominated for the awards described below.


Excellent presentations will be awarded by the examination of award committee organized under the technical program committee. We officially commend young oral-presentation authors (birth in 1977 or later) to "Igarashi shou" and "Shourei shou", and other oral-presentation authors to "Saiyuushuu gijutu ronbun shou", and "Yuushuu gijutu ronbun shou". We also commend poster-presentation (including late news) authors to "Yuushuu poster shou".
Students are encouraged to become an IEEJ member for the award nomination. We provide free student-membership campaign during the symposium registration. See the registration page.


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